Off road tour on mountain roads;

The off road route is not an extreme one;

4x4 cars for you journey;

Lunch and guide included;

Discover the authentic Romania with an off road tour;



Full day;

Meeting at 8AM;


English speaking travel guide;

Transport with off road car;

Pick-up from any address in Brasov;






With our off road tour, you will take a day off from the crowded city and explore the wild part of Romania.

Travelling with an off road car, 4x4 car, is the best way to visit and discover authentically Romania.

The off road tour offers you the opportunity to visit the countryside of “Barsei Country”, Brasov region, craftsmen using ancient techniques for blacksmithing, tailoring, scraps, farmers and hidden gems. The use of off road vehicles allows us to reach the most isolated places.

The off road tour on the mountains is going through dirt roads and country roads is not an extreme off road tour.

Off road tours gives you the possibility to reach places forgotten by the world, untouched by civilization and explore the nature and the wildlife.

This full day off road tour is an adventure off road trip with cultural parts of Romania. If you want to take your holiday to the next level without being frightening the off road tour in the mountains is the best choice for you.

In the off road tour you will find sensational sights and you can admire the beautiful landscapes. Beside the tour you will learn more about Romania.

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