Horse riding tour on the hills and mountain for a day;

Horse riding lessons before tour;

30-40 km of horse riding;

Home made lunch made in front of us in nature;

Professional travel guide and traditional lunch included;



Full day;

Meeting at 8AM;


Dress warmly;

The trip can be canceled due the weather conditions;


English speaking travel guide;

Horse riding tour on the hills;

Transport with private car;

Pick-up from any address in Brasov;

Traditional lunch;




Horse riding tour will be a full day on the mountain and the hills with the horses. The horse riding tour will start from 700m altitude, near the base of the mountain, from there we will go through a forest of conifers to the alpine hole of, at 1500m.

On the roof of the world, as a shepherd, we will start to make our lunch putting polenta with cheese and meat on the jar, we will let the horses to rest and we will relax with fresh air. After the break we will slowly descend from the peaks back to the village, in the evening.

On the horse riding tour, we have paths shaded by the woods, sometimes the path will be on rocks, sometimes through water, but not an “extreme” path, because the path is a car road too. But it is a dream itinerary with stories, with small surprises of the animals that are coming to our path, deer, boars and if we have luck maybe we will see a bear lost by his mother ... have you scared?

You are always accompanied by a trained person. The horse riding tour will be a loop of 30-40 km, we will stay in the saddle for about 5-6 hours. One hour and a half or more is our lunch break, we will make the fire, and the polenta is cooked, the meat is fried and the photos are taken. It's a route for beginners with an average physical condition you need only the ability to communicate with the horse but this competence you will learn in the morning with the trainer.

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